Logesta is the specialist in long distance transportation. With a fleet of over 1 600 trucks and a solid technical expertise, it is among the main operators of full loading in Europe.
Thanks to a particular dynamic policy of expansion, Logesta is present in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Romania and Poland. This presence enables it to reinforce and optimize its international flow and thus extend its service offer.



Logesta responds to the request of transportation operators and supplies its clients with a quality, optimal service in terms of security, geographical coverage, technology and professionalism of its teams.



The logistical security, quality and efficiency that characterize Logesta are directly linked to the choice of first rate technology.

Custom produced, the technological platform Teseo Web enables the planning, optimization and control of all the transportation operations, as well as the integration of all the agents involved in the transportation chain.



  • A security department available 24h/24 et 7d/7
  • A real time traceability of vehicles
  • A risk analysis carried-out in advance in each region
  • Check-up stops and itineraries with, if needed, the implementation of escorts and intervention services
  • Specific equipment : approved locks and chains, alarm buttons, screen, microphones and hidden sensors, video cameras, remote door closing systems



  • A customer service available 24h/24 et 7d/7
  • A highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in the management of transportation
  • A continuous training program for the drivers and dispatchers
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